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Tweet Reply Chain Generator

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Replying to @faketweetmaker

The #hashtags, @mentions and https://example.com are automatically changed.


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How To Create A Fake Reply Chain/Thread

  • First choose the tweet display theme color by choosing between "Default", "Dim" and "Dark".

  • To see each reply option and change the content, you need to click on the reply that you wish to change, and a modal option will appear.

  • Then add the name, username and "Replying to" username of your choice. And to hide or show the verified badge simply click on the toggle at the end of the "Name" input, also if you wish to hide the "Replying to @example" simply click on the toggle right next to its input to make it hidden and vice versa.

  • The "Message" text area where your reply message goes, and don't worry the hashtags, mentions and links are automatically converted to blue, so you just write it down in the message area and it will appear on the tweet blue.

  • For the date pick from the inputs your desired date, by default they're set to the current date. and if you wish to set the time only in minutes or hours just fill the "Hours or Minutes" input and it will ignore the others, but if yout want to set the date in (M D,YYY) or (M D), leave the "Hours or Minutes" input empty.

  • To remove a reply simply click on the reply you want to remove and the option modal will open then you'll see a red button called "Remove button".

  • Finally hit that download button and enjoy your Realistic Fake Reply Chain ;)

About Fake Reply Chain Generator

Our twitter reply chain generator allows you to create realistic looking fake reply chain and thread, we're constantly updating our code to look exactly like twitter. so you can prank your friends and colleagues or to just have fun and make a reply chain tweet meme.

By using this website, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.